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Garrett Turbo GBC35 & GBC37 “Boost Line Club”

r34 gtr dual fuel pump hanger

New for 2023 Garrett has released 2 new Boost Line Club turbos, the GBC35-700 and the GBC37-900. Both of these turbos offer big performance potential utilizing GTX series billet Compressor wheels, turbine wheels and 360 degree journal bearing center section. With the GBC35 supporting up to 700HP and the GBC37 supporting up to 900HP these turbos pack a big punch for under $1000usd.

Garrett’s Boost Club Line turbos combine modern, high-flowing aerodynamics with a robust journal-bearing design. The Boost Club Line offers billet compressor wheels with an extended tip design delivering higher pressure ratios increasing thermal efficiency. GBC turbos utilize the robust GTX Gen II Compressor with a modern turbine wheel design improves aerodynamics, allowing the Boost Club Line turbochargers to be capable of up to 900 hp. Garrett Advancing Motion’s interchangeable outlines allow easy swapping for stage upgrades with the GBC35-700 or GBC37-900.

Garrett Boost Line Club Features:

  1. Billet compressor wheel with extended tip design for higher pressure
  2. ratios
  3. GTX Gen II compressor aerodynamics
  4. Journal bearing rotating group with 360-degree thrust bearing
  5. Outline interchangeable with GBC37-900 | GBC35-700 for stage upgrades
  6. Machined boost signal port with installed plug
  7. Modern turbine wheel aerodynamics
  8. Oil-cooled center housing
  9. Part Numbers:

913840-5001S, Garrett GBC35-700 super core: The GCB35 turbo supports up to 700HP

913840-5002S, Garrett GBC37-900 (G37-900) Super Core: The GCB37 turbo supports up to 900HP

Garrett Advancing Motion has sustained its reputation for 60 years, revolutionizing turbocharger technologies generation after generation. From its long list of industry firsts to its leading-edge patented dual-ball bearing turbos for high-performance vehicles, it develops and manufactures the same cutting-edge boosting expertise that goes into all its products. The fact that Garrett Advancing Motion’s turbochargers are the preferred choice of leading original equipment manufacturers and many top race teams in CART, World Rally, American Le Mans, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and Pikes Peak is a telling example.

External Wastegate VS Internal Wastegate

Check out our Wastegate Blog post linked below to help ensure you have the best wastegate configuration for your build. Learn the differences between Internal Wastegates vs External Wastegates and how they effect power output as well as boost control. Of course if have any questions or need help packaging the best Turbo and wastegate don’t hesitate to contact us.

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