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Best Modifications: Forester XT 09-13

Forester XT

The Subaru Forester XT offers the best of 2 worlds when it comes to performance and capabilities. With the turbo charged EJ25 engine the XT is capable of making big power with just a few basic mods. The Forester XT drives and handles like a performance sedan but offers ground clearance similar to what you would find on a small SUV which makes it a truly great daily driver.

Stage 1: XT Intake + Cobb AP & E-tune

The first mods for any turbo Subaru should always include an Intake and tune. By replacing the restrictive factory intake you free up HP without putting any extra stress on the engine. The Cobb SF intake also sounds amazing on the EJ25. Along with an intake utilizing the Cobb AP and custom tune will ensure you XT Forester is running as efficiently as possible making reliable power for years to come.

Stage 2: XT Downpipe and Turbo Inlet

Once the intake has been opened up it’s time to address the exhaust and turbo inlet pipe. While there are tons of great catback exhausts for the XT Forester the best mod for making power is the Cobb Gesi catted Down Pipe (see below). This 3″ high flow downpipe features a bell mouth at the turbo outlet that ensure accurate boost control and un matched performance. While some claim a divided or divorced downpipe is better we have always found the Cobb bell mouth design to out perform everything else on the market. The Cobb DP bolts up to the OEM exhaust or any aftermarket cat-back exhaust.
For those that only have access to 91 or 93 octane fuel but are looking to maximize performance and reliability from their XT Forester we highly recommend using the DW 104R octane booster. The DW 104R booster is the most effective way to increase your fuels octane rating. Higher octane fuel will safely support more boost + more timing, you can expect to see 10-15% power gains when using DW 104R with a custom E-tune aka Pro-tune for your Cobb AP.

Stage 3 XT Forester: Intercooler, Fuel System, 3 Port BCS:

Once your XT Forester is equipped with the classic bolt on mods listed above you are ready for a turbo upgrade, supporting Intercooler and Fuel System. The turbo, intercooler and fuel injectors listed below are the perfect combination for any Forester XT looking to push past the 300WHP mark. Those looking to make over 400HP will need to consider a manual transmission swap and IAG stage 2 short block.

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