DW 104R Octane Booster

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DW 104R octane booster is the perfect fuel option for any high performance motorsports grade engine running on pump fuel. Combined with an E-tune most turbo engines will make 15-25% more power when compared to running straight 91 octane pump gas. Higher octane means more boost, more timing and more reliable power.

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DeatschWerks 104R Street Octane Booster 32oz. Cans – Case of 8

DW 104R Octane Booster

  • Increases octane rating up to 104 RON
  • Cleans the fuel system
  • O2 sensor and catalytic converter safe
  • Race, dyno and lab proven
  • Contains no lead, alcohol, toluene or MTBE
  • 946 ml (32 oz) bottle

Deatschwerks 104R Octane Booster:

Deatschwerks 104R octane booster has been specially formulated for use with standard gasoline from the pump/station. It increases the pump fuel octane rating up to 104 RON for an easy and reliable way to have “race gas performance” at a fraction of the cost. In addition, DW octane booster is safe for O2 sensors, catalytic converters and contains detergents that help maintain and preserve your fuel system.

Laboratory developed and race proven, Deatschwerks 104R octane booster is simply mixed with gasoline (see chart below). It contains no lead, alcohol, toluene or MTBE and comes in a 946 ml (32 oz) metal bottle with extended shelf life.

This is the ideal solution for anyone looking to maximize engine performance but is currently limited by low 91 octane pump fuel. When paired with a custom E-tune DW octane booster can support 15-25% more power than standard 91 octane.

Mixing Chart

The table below indicates the volume of Deatschwerks 104R Octane Booster to add per liter of gasoline, in order to obtain the octane rating of your choice. These values are based on standard 91 octane (E10) unleaded gasoline from retail service stations.

Dw 101s octane booster

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