NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug Box of 4 (ILZKAR8H8S)

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NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs part # ILZKAR8H8S are the go to spark plug for a wide range of high performance turbo engines including the Honda L15B and K20C found in the new turbo Civics, Accords and CRV’s.

These NGK spark plugs are designed for high boost high power direct injection engines. We use the ILZKAR8H8S plugs in a wide range of L15B and K20C builds from stock to full blown race engines making over 500WHP. If you want a reliable long lasting spark plug the NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs are for you! Please note you can use this exact spark plug on a stock engine or a modified engine. These plugs have been tested with great success at well over 600HP at the wheels. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to support you through every step of your build.

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NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plugs

The Turbo L15B and K20C engines from Honda are high performance direct injection engines that have proven to make great power as well as deliver very good economy. The key to keeping your engine running efficiently is to ensure there is complete combustion (all air and fuel is ignited and burned in the combustion chamber). The best way to do this is to make sure your engine is fitted with a fresh clean set of NGK Iridium Laser Spark plugs. These spark plugs are the direct OEM replacement for the Honda part. (Honda rebrands these exact NGK plugs and sells them for more.)

k20c1 civic type R
K20c1 Type R engine

As spark plugs age, get dirty and wear out the resistance through them increases making it harder for the ignition coil to create a spark that arks from the Spark Plugs electrode to the grounding strap. If the Spark Plug is not able to “spark” as described it causes a miss fire or what we refer to as “spark blowout”. 95% of the time this is simply caused by old spark plugs that need to be replaced. (Nothing like an easy cheap fix you can do yourself in the driveway!)

l15b7 engine Civic SI 1.5 turbo
L15 turbo engine

NGK Spark Plugs (U.S.A.), Inc. is the largest OE supplier and manufacturer of spark plugs for domestic and import vehicles in North America. Its OE legacy, unsurpassed quality and leading vehicles in operation coverage reinforces NGK as The Ignition Specialist™. With over 80 years of automotive expertise NGK has built a reputation for quality and reliability; manufacturing spark plugs for virtually every automotive, motorcycle, marine and small engine application. We are committed to be the premier partner with our customers, while maintaining original equipment standards for the highest durability and operational performance. With state-of-the-art manufacturing, inventory and distribution facilities in North America and across the globe, NGK is dedicated to providing customers with world-class products and services.

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