Haltech NEXUS R5 Universal Wire-In Harness Kit


Haltech NEXUS R5 VCU + 2.5M wiring harness kit supports any engines with up to 12 cylinders or up to 6 rotors. The R5 VCU combines the  Haltech Elite ECU with the Haltech PD16 into 1 box! This means you get an ECU to control the engine/transmission and other accessories as well as a PDM (power distribution module) in 1 device. The R5 was specifically developed with Motorsports and Racing applications in mind where advanced race functions, data logging and power management control is required.

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Haltech NEXUS R5 VCU + Universal 2.5 meter Harness

Nexus R5 is Haltech’s flagship ECU+PDM combining the functionality of a power distribution module, a data logger, a dual channel wideband controller and a state-of-the art engine management system in one powerful device we call a VCU (Vehicle Control Unit). The Nexus R5 has quickly become one or the most popular ECU/PDM options for racers around the world do to it’s simplicity. Having the PDM and ECU in 1 box with 1 wiring harness and all setup/controlled by 1 software (NSP) keeps things clean simple and SUPER functional, perfect for those harsh Motorsports environments. This R5 nexus package comes complete with a 2.5 meter 8′ universal wiring harness. This makes installing the R5 nexus even easier and keeps all the wiring clean and simple just the way it should be.
haltech nexus r5

Nexus R5 Features:

  • 4 x 25A (continuous) push-pull PWM capable (5 kHz) outputs (for power to injectors / coils, transbrake, thermfan, fuel pump)
  • 12 x 8A (continuous) high side outputs (low speed PWM, 200 Hz) outputs (power to sensors, NOS solenoids, etc)
  • 18 x peak/hold injector drivers (can be used as low side drive outputs)
  • 12 x low current ignition outputs (can be used as low side drive outputs)
  • 8 x low side drive outputs, PWM capable (DPOs)
  • 4 x push-pull / h-bridge outputs (8A, PWM capable), eg for electronic throttle
  • 23 x 0-5V analog inputs with redunancy for electronic throttle and switchable 5V pullup
  • Trigger and home inputs with differential inputs, adjustable thresholds and glitch filters
  • 10 x synchronous pulsed inputs, zero crossing or adjustable thresholds – cam sensor inputs, frequency inputs or 0-5V analog inputs
  • 2 x onboard wideband controllers, supporting NTK and LSU4.9
  • 3 x CAN ports with switchable termination
  • **this package includes 2.5m 8′ universal wiring harness for easy/clean install.**



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