Injector Dynamics 2600-XDS Injectors – 48mm Length – 14mm Top – 14mm Lower O-Ring (Set of 4)


ID2600-xds Injectors feature full stainless internals perfect for E85, Ethanol or Methanol based fuels. The ID2600 is the “big daddy” of the ID injectors flowing over 2600cc from a single injector these are ideal for anyone looking to make over 1000HP on a 4 cylinder engine.  Please note these ID2600-xds injectors fit a wide range of 4 cylinder engines including Honda K series, B series, Nissan SR20, Mitsubishi 4g63 and many more. (Please check the fitment tab below or call/email us if you have any questions we are here to help!)

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Injector Dynamics 2600-XDS Injectors
48mm Length, 14mm Top, 14mm Lower O-Ring, 4pc

The ID2600-xds injectors are hands down the best performance fuel injector on the market. With full stainless internals all ID injectors are designed to be used with Gasoline or alcohol based fuels such as ethanol, methanol, E85 and Flex Fuel.
Be sure to check the “fitment” tab to the left for a list of all the vehicle applications these IDX2600. fit. If you have any questions about injector fitment don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us for direct support. This 4 cylinder set of ID2600-XDS injectors fits a wide range or engines that all use a 14mm upper and lower Injector O ring.

The IDX2600. part number means:

  • 2600cc of flow at 43psi and over 3000cc of flow at 90psi
  • 48mm O ring to O ring length (fuel rail to injector seat)
  • 14mm Top O ring
  • 14mm Lower O ring
  • 4 piece (4 injectors in the set)

One of our most popular applications for these ID2600-xds injectors is the Honda K series engines. The IDX2600. are a drop in injector upgrade for all the K20 and K24 engines using the 14mm O ring fuel rail. This includes RSX-S, Civic SI, Civic Type R, TSX and many more Honda/Acura cars that use the K20 or K24 engines. Match the these K series ID2600 XDS injectors with a turbo kit and you can make 1000HP+ from the K20 or K24 engine. Check out the Radium K series Fuel Rail, or the Skunk2 Ultra series fuel rail. These rails are a perfect match for these ID injectors and is ideal for high power Ethanol, E85 or Flex fuel powered K series engines.

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